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For all questions concerning accessibility, marketing, advertising, or sponsorship, contact us here or give us a call at (412) 471-2114.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Street parking is widely available in the area, both on Penn Ave. and on side streets. We recommend carpooling if at all possible.

We know that registering for specific workshops can be time consuming. We have streamlined the process with a two-step process. First, your organization will have to purchase a ticket through Eventbrite. You will then be emailed a receipt and workshop registration form. If you need an attendance change, please include "Registration Update Required" in an email to Don't forget to include your name, skills, and background on your name tag! It will come in handy for the networking event.

If you would like to volunteer your knowledge by presenting at a workshop, we would love to hear from you. Please register as a technology volunteer so next year's VISTAs will also have your information.

This conference will have no booth space rentals. If you are looking to get your message out we encourage you to attend our networking event after the conference.

Because this conference is being held in an unconventional location, not all facilities may have outlets available. We recommend that you bring a notepad and pen along with your computer. Additionally, since it's most likely going to be pretty hot outside and there will be some walking involved, we suggest that you dress casually and bring a water bottle. Comfort required!