Measuring Your Outreach Impact

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Measuring Your Outreach Impact
August 9, 2013 1:45 pm
June 10, 2013
Irma Freeman Center
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5006 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA

Wrapping your brain around data collection can be a challenge and it’s difficult to know how and where to spend your precious time and resources. CTAC will help you wade through the metrics that are important to our industry and come out clean on the other side! You'll get an explanation of what they are, why they are important to your organization and where to find them. We'll help you create a custom Google Analytics report based on the metrics you want and how you want them to be displayed. We'll simplify Facebook Insights to ensure you are spending your time wisely and posting content that is exciting and relevant to your audience. Tracking social media is your first step toward realizing your organizations’ community outreach potential.