This is where you will be able to find speaker's slides, handouts, and all other materials.

Here are some articles to begin thinking about panelist questions, networking conversation topics, and potential solutions for your organization:

Nonprofit Decision Making
Garrett Cooper, Forbes Fund
Presentation – Financial Decision Making
Handout #1 – UCP Financial Statements
Handout #2 – Fundraising Project

Innovation and the Cloud
"Our innovation research suggested that some myth busting is in order. People often think of innovation as futuristic, cutting-edge technology, but we found that many nonprofits are innovating with straightforward technologies." – Karen Graham, NTEN

Innovation for Nonprofits
"Non-profit failure is too rare, which means that non-profit innovation is too rare as well. Innovators understand that their job is to fail, repeatedly, until they don't." – Seth Godin, author

Drucker's Five Principles of Innovation
"…Americans will look increasingly to the nonpro´Čüts to tackle the problems of a fast-changing society. These challenges will demand innovation." – Peter F. Drucker, professor